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Why Is It Special


Without worrying about what comes in your tiffin, check and customize your meal plan according to your need. Find multiple options near you and choose from them which is suitable and affordable for you. Eating packed food daily is not good for health and also not pocket friendly, choose your subscription accordingly and make plan accordingly to your requirement.


Subscribe for as long as you want from 3 days to 30 days, according to your pocket, requirement. Application will provide you to subscribe your plan accordingly.

Home made

Tdibba brings you homemade meal that your mom will approve of. Concept behind the application is to provide food that require on daily bases. So, we picked all the hand-picked kitchens and home chef's around you. You can subscribe to breakfast, Lunch and Dinner plans with daily changing menu from a kitchen of your choice.

Our Best Propositions for You!

Subscription for Half Meal and Full Meal. Application designed for meal type too, you can choose plan accordingly to your diet and pay only for that.

Going on a vacation or sudden plan to go out - Skip your plan for those days and your plan will move ahead by a day.

Vacation trip cancel - You can resume your meal plan anytime.

Never feel bound - you can cancel your meal plan any time.

Don't want any subscription - Single lunch / dinner meal options are also available, just inform two hours before.

Awesome Features

Food Monitoring

Check food, rating, reviews and price of different vendor across your locality.

Fast and Simple

Easy to Cancel, Skip and Resume your meal from your vendor just by one click
Easy to manage your account.

Lots of Surprises

Subscribe your plan from 3 days to 30 days as per your requirement.
Don’t want meal on Saturday and Sunday, skip for those day’s
Require Meal on alternate weekends, manage your account accordingly.

Quality Services

we picked all the hand-picked kitchens and home chef's around you that your mom will approve of. Away from home feel like made by mom.

Our Guarantee

Your money is safe with us. Your account and amount are now not depending on suppliers or food vendors

24/7 Online Support

Our best in class service and support will help you on your queries. Feel free to discuss with us, we will serve you with our best practice.
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